1. Press 0 on the alpha-numeric keyboard. The computer will display a message screen, telling you to GET READY. The moving arrows tell you to press the action button to continue.
  2. The left hand controller is your navigation. Push the joystick left or right to rotate the lander in that direction. Press the action button to ignite the engines.
  3. The X and Y gauges show your horizontal and vertical speeds. A red number means too fast. Green means OK.
  4. The object of the game is to land successfully on as many planets as possible, before fuel runs out. A successful landing is when you touch the landing pad in a vertical postion, nose up, while the X and Y gauges are green.
  5. Your lander will crash if it touches any part of the planet's surface or if you touch the landing pad while either X or Y gauge is red, or if you are not vertical.
  6. If your lander goes off-screen, the game will continue, but fuel will be wasted.
  7. After you land, crash, or goes off-screen, a status message will be displayed, as well as the current planet. If there are moving arrows at the bottom of the screen, press the action button to continue. Each new planet is more challenging with stronger gravity.
  8. The game ends when you crash the lander into the planet.
  9. To play again, push RESET and then press 0.


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