Controlling robots is the game
Outlined in the Roboto name
Do not think the game is done
Even if a CPU has won

If solving puzzles makes your day
Now is the time for you to play
Begin the journey by looking for
Items that just may open a door

Not all things are as they appear
And you may find clues are near
Report your findings and you'll realize
Your goal, in the end, will be a prize

Mr. Roboto!

Contest CLUES

Note: the puzzle has been solved! Here's the solution.

Last updated on 8/3/06

  1. The answer is not an obvious slogan like "The keyboard is the key..." or "The excitement of a game..."
  2. There are 3 sources for clues.
  3. The letters and characters that fall in the intro of the game are semi-random. There are no clues there.
  4. There are clues inside of clues.
  5. Do all robots march together?
  6. Other Odyssey2 games have secret messages, too.
  7. X marks the spot.
  8. It pays to read the fine print.
  9. Numbers are colored for a reason.
  10. The "correct way"* to see other games' messages is to press and hold 'RESET,' hold down the key, then release only 'RESET.'
  11. The colors of the Viruses on page 5 of the manual mean nothing.
  12. You don't have to unscramble any clues -- decipher, yes; unscramble, no
  13. A larger and clearer jpeg of the cart label is posted here. (I thought the one up already was hi res - my fault.)
  14. There are no Easter eggs during game play, as in: "If I put a red robot here and a blue robot here and if I'm in 2 player mode a message will appear..." nothing like that. Once the gameplay starts, there's nothing hidden.
  15. The answer is a phrase or sentence.
  16. There are two tracks or threads of clues that will need to be put together.


*I'll explain this after the contest is won.